Monday, November 06, 2006

NY Times endorses no Republicans for U.S. Congress

NY Times endorses no Republicans for U.S. Congress

3:11 p.m. 11/05/2006

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -The New York Times, one of the oldest and most respected U.S. newspapers, said on Sunday that for the first time in memory it was endorsing no Republican U.S. congressional candidates this year.

In an editorial, the Times criticized the Republican-led Congress on matters from tax cuts to energy policy, and charged it has failed to hold President Bush accountable for the unpopular Iraq War.

"This election is indeed about George W. Bush -- and the congressional majority's insistence on protecting him from the consequences of his mistakes and misdeeds," the Times editorialized.

The Bush administration has had a number of clashes in recent years with the Times, particularly for the newspaper's disclosure of its warrantless domestic spying program.

The newspaper, founded in 1851, wrote in its editorial: "On Tuesday, when this page runs the list of people it has endorsed for election, we will include no Republican congressional candidates for the first time in our memory."

"To begin with, the Republican majority that has run the House of Representatives -- and for the most part, the Senate -- during President Bush's tenure, has done a terrible job on the basics," the newspaper wrote.

"It's tax-cutting-above-all-else has wrecked the budget, hobbled the middle class and endangered the long-term economy. It has refused to face global warming and done pathetically little about the country's dependence on foreign oil," the Times added.

No republicans? Gee what a surprise the leftest left traitor newspaper doesn't support anybody but leftys. Let's analyze that last paragraph:

"It's tax-cutting-above-all-else has wrecked the budget." No it's spending that wrecked the budget. Tax cutting stimualtes the economy stupid.

"hobbled the middle class," with 4.4% unemployment, I hadn't noticed the middle class hobbling. If they are, it's due to the AMT.

"Endangered the long-term economy." How is the longterm economy endagered? How about open borders, amenesty for illegals, high taxes, and pork barrell spending.

"It has refused to face global warming..." based on junk science and scare tactics.

"Done pathetically little about the country's dependence on foreign oil;" It's hard to when the DEMOCRATS are constantly voting no to any new drilling in America and no refinery capacity has been added in 30 years.

God I hope the Dems lose today. Maybe John Kerry can go make a speech somewhere...


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