Friday, October 20, 2006

L.L. Bone

I placed an order at L.L. Bean a few days ago. Here is the rant I sent FedEx:


My package was left at night, in the rain, in front of my door. I found it, soaking wet, blocking the door so I couldn’t get out, when I tried to leave in the morning for the train.  This is the second time! I want to know is the driver stupid, mean, uncaring or deranged that he would do this?  Why when there is a covered portion of the porch which doesn’t block the door, which would have kept the package dry, would he choose to block the door again, and leave it in the rain? Oh, by the way the package was full of leather goods, shoes and clothes.  Why didn’t he ring the bell? Deliver the package before 7PM? Or use any kind of common sense?  This is not how you build trust and good will. Stupid, stupid, stupid.


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