Friday, May 29, 2009

Chris Christie for Governor

You can tell by my earlier posts that I am no fan of Jon Corzine. In fact, I think New Jersey would be much better off if he had managed to kill himself in his near-fatal accident. Actually, New Jersey would have been better off with Brett Schundler, but he lost the primary because he’s “Too conservative.”

I like Steve Lonegan, but he’s not going to win, so it’s better to put my money on the horse that will. Christie has been peppering my mailbox with colossal postcards in the last few weeks, hammering Lonegan that he’s going to raise taxes. I don’t believe a word of that, in fact I would say the opposite is true. Lonegan has positioned himself as a tax cutter, but Christie’s attacks have gone largely unanswered. Just recently I got a postcard from Lonegan and heard some TV and radio ads, but I think it’s too little too late. Too bad. Lonegan is stand up guy with a big pair of balls, but he doesn’t have the money and connections that Christie has.

Christie is not actually conservative enough for my tastes, but at this point, it’s critical to dump Corzine, and get a Republican in the statehouse. I warned you about McGreevey, I warned you about Corzine, now I beseech you, go to the polls Tuesday, June 2nd, and vote for Chris Christie.


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