Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Better Business Bureau Complaint #5123269

Dear Mr. Pressey,

I received today a copy of the response you sent to my Better Business Bureau Complaint #5123269. You told the BBB that, “as of yesterday, the customer is now happy again.” You may consider the complaint closed. But I am not “happy again.”

ADT’s abysmal customer service (two no-shows, and three more service calls to fix the problem) have irreparably damaged our relationship. And it has nothing to do with a death in the tech’s family; the issue is ADT repeatedly telling me a tech is coming when ADT should have known he wasn’t.

Had a qualified tech with the right parts on the truck showed up for the first appointment (that was a no-show), the problem could have been fixed in one service call. I really resent you telling the BBB that I’m happy. The credit you gave me doesn’t even begin to compensate me for my time, and by the way it didn’t appear on the bill I just got.

I realize the system costs about $2000 to install, so that’s why I stuck with ADT rather than kicking you out. Think of us like an unhappy married couple, staying together for the kids and sleeping in separate bedrooms. I’d like a divorce from ADT, but it’s just too expensive.



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Anonymous Eric said...

I fired ADT. They keep sending me letters saying they want me back. Sometimes I write "If you didn't suck, I wouldn't have left in the first place" and mail them back.

Sun Jun 14, 07:05:00 PM EDT  

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