Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Our Liberal Gubna

My question is, how does someone go from being a captain of Wall Street to being a liberal? Answer, buy your way into the governor’s office. While Governor Jon Corzine’s feel good state of the state address was chock full of common sense ideas for property tax relief and fiscal sanity, we’ve heard a lot of this stuff before over the last 20 years, and nothing gets done because the unions don’t want to give up their free lunches at the people’s expense, and they essentially wield the power to elect a governor or block them from election. Since all politicians strive to get elected, they cave in to the considerable power that the unions wield, and the status quo survives.

Gov. Corzine’s speech also praised his “Successes,” in his first year. Why the quotation marks around successes? Well here they are: providing funds for stem-cell research, reforming the child-welfare system, supporting same-sex civil unions and creating needle-exchange programs for people who are HIV positive or have AIDS. Obviously to the extent that New Jersey’s child welfare system was reformed, I support that because adults who can’t take care of themselves have been producing and harming their children for as long as I have being paying attention, and DYFS or whatever they are called now have stood by and watched. While I am not against stem cell research, I don’t’ want to pay for it. If private companies and universities believe it is a worthwhile endeavor, and it may well be, let them pay for it. I believe like global warming, the hype is ahead of the science, and any liberal agenda I am suspect of, especially when it involves science.

As for same-sex civil unions, while I am not anti-gay, I am pro-family. Consenting adults should be free to do what they want in private, and they can take care of many issues with their own legal work such as wills. I think marriage in general is a good thing, and chipping away at it is bad. Some would argue same-sex civil unions don’t chip away at marriage, I but I think it does, because the next step is same sex marriage.

Needle-exchange programs inherently condone drug use, because they say essentially, well we can’t stop you from shooting up, so here are some clean needles to shoot up with so you don’t’ spread HIV. I think we should try to stop people from shooting up. In my mind, smoking a joint now and then isn’t any different from knocking back a few shots, but shooting up is a one way path straight to hell. So why support it?

So based on that, I would say the only thing the governor has accomplished this year is to raise the cost of living for all of New Jersey by raising the sales tax, which hits business as well as citizens.

So while he talks a good game, the governor will be judged by results. I am waiting impatiently while the noose of taxes tightens around my neck.


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