Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Governor Corzine Presents FY 2007 Budget

Congratulations New Jersey!

You voted for Corzine, now you have to deal with another tax and spend Democrat!

While you shitheads were voting for James "I'm a gay American" McGreevey, I was voting for Brett Schundler.

I voted for Schundler again in the Repbulican primary, but I guess conservatives are un-electable in New Jersey.

While you shitheads were voting for Jon "I'm a Bazillionaire and I lent my girlfriend $470,000 to buy a house I could fuck her in, then forgave the loan, and oh, by the way she's the head of the powerful NJ state employees union I hope it's not another conflict of interest" Corzine, I was voting for Doug Forrestor because at least he's not another tax and spend Democrat.

Well I hope you are all happy now. Happy, happy, happy. Don't worry, be happy. While the cost of everything from gasoline to food is going up, you will now pay even more for everything you buy because he just taxed it.

When you go out to a restaurant to eat dinner, that will cost you more. The next morning when you take a shit and flush the toilet, even that will cost you more (He proposed raising the sales tax to 7% from 6%, and adding a $0.04 tax per 1000 gallons of water).

And where will your money go? To pay inflated pensions and rich health benefits for state employees while you struggling in a private sector job will have to make due with your 401k and contributing to your own health benefits. I can't wait to retire to Florida. Or maybe Panama...


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