Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Help! Junk Faxes

I’ve been in my new house about 6 months. My Verizon voice line was the fax number for some business or other, but now it’s my voice line. Hello world! It’s my voice line not a fax line. The junk faxers of this world don’t know that, so they send me junk faxes. But there is no machine to receive them, just me…

“Beep, beep, beep.”
“Fuck. Click.”

So yes, I hooked a fax to my voice line, then when faxed, I hang up, turn on the fax machine, and receive my junk fax.

Today it was for life insurance for 70+ year-olds. I’ll just hang on to it for 30 years when it will be useful to me. I’ll also hang on to it for one of those inevitable class action lawsuits brewing against these motherfuckers.

Verizon is useless. I can’t have anonymous call rejection because I get calls from foreign countries which come in as unknown name, unknown number. I have to receive these calls. Their anti harassment center is useless, they told me to dial *57 after I get one of these faxes and they can trace the call. But they can’t. I just get a message saying, "This service cannot be activated because the telephone number is not in our serving area,” I believe many or most of these calls come from Canada, which is immune to the U.S. junk fax laws.

You can’t call their “Opt-out” number, everyone says it’s just an “opt-in number.”
So what can I do? I found a device on the web for $100 that let’s you block callers, and opt-in numbers you want to hear from, but that’s complicated and time consuming. I already gave my phone number out and printed it on cards & etc., so I’m pretty well stuck. Open to suggestions.


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